Other Projects

Other Projects

The Meanwood Village stone

The piece of land at the junction of Green Road and Stonegate Road was previously an overgrown and scruffy area before we decided to do something about it. Nestled between Headingley and Moortown, Meanwood tends to get overlooked, but it’s a vibrant place with its own identity, recognised more and more as a great place to live. We want to continue to promote and enhance the area wherever we can and this was an obvious opportunity.

In 2017 Leeds solicitor and landowner Rodney Lester kindly gave the Partnership permission to improve the area and place a carved sandstone ‘Meanwood Village’ block in the central location. We paid for the stone, Nigel Lees of Dunton & Lees Garden Services volunteered his time to clear the area of scrub and prepare the ground. Stone carver Ben Whitehead did a brilliant job crafted by Mone Brothers, and local builder John O’Riordon positioned the stone. The area was then planted with wildflowers in summer by Nigel, and once they had died down, replaced with spring flowering bulbs.

Chris Sheard, the Partnership’s Chairman was the driving force behind the project. Local MP Fabian Hamilton officially unveiled the stone on 27th April 2017. Also present were local Councillors Alex Sobel and Sharon Hamilton, local residents and those involved in making the project happen.

Pressure is still being put on the Council to get ‘Welcome to Meanwood’ stones erected on Meanwood Road and Tongue Lane.

Bulb planting

Every year we plant several hundred spring bulbs to brighten up the verges around Meanwood. In 2018 we planted 1000 crocus bulbs at the junction of Stonegate Road and Parkside Road , and at the junction of Stainbeck Road and Meanwood Road.

Planning issues

Whether for buildings, transport, road changes or maintenance, affect us all. We keep a close eye on proposed developments and through consultation try to ensure they are appropriate and beneficial for the area. We also where appropriate support campaigns such as the Save Tetley Field.

Traffic and parking

Concerns regarding the Trolley Bus were submitted at the hearing, and following many objections the project subsequently was cancelled. We continue to press for a traffic solution to the Meanwood Road, Stonegate Road junction with the Council Highways Department as well as parking issues around Green Road.

Active campaigning for speed restrictions around our schools

To make our roads safer for our children resulted in traffic calming measures and 20mph speed limits in the area.

Environmental activity, such as Balsam Bashing’

Helping to eradicate the invasive Himalayan Balsam species from the area around the Woodlea estate and Parkside Road minimising the risk of it spreading into the Meanwood Beck system and the Meanwood Valley Trail. The issue of responsibility for maintenance of the wooded area around the old Meanwood Park Hospital site has been an issue for some time and the result of many discussions. Recent maintenance has been carried out.

The Great War ‘Meanwood Men’ Memorial plaque

Commemorating the 48 men from Meanwood who lost their lives in the Great War completed the restoration of the War Memorial, also the designated Somme Memorial site for the Region, at the bottom of Memorial Drive. An avenue of 48 native trees was also planted and a book about the lives of the men published.

Meanwood Valley Trail

The Meanwood Valley Trail runs for 7 miles from Woodhouse Moor through Meanwood to Golden Acre Park. New Trail markers and signs giving information about the local wildlife have been erected and also new leaflets for the Trail printed.

The Captain Lawrence Oates Memorial

The Oates memorial records his inspirational courage, self-sacrifice and understated heroism. His final words ‘I am just going outside and I may be some time’ remain etched in the world’s memory 100 years on.

Dunny Hill Bollards and Parkside Road Speed Bumps

Bollards were erected on Dunny Hill to prevent people using Parkside Road and the Holmwoods as a rat run to the Ring Road.

Green Road Shopping Centre

We continue to plant in the planters outside Asda and monitor usage of the litter bins.

Bus service concerns

In response to a request from the MVP, representatives of Metro attended a meeting to address concerns about the bus service in Meanwood. They answered many of the concerns of passengers and they hoped that the public would keep them informed of any future issues.